While researching on the state of Chinese online advertisement market, I’ve come across some stunning numbers that I’d like to share. Everyone assumes that Chinese e-commerce user base is growing rapidly but how fast exactly?

Here are some numbers:

Internet usage growth (source: internetworldstats.com):

  • Internet usage  in N.America grew ~2.7 times in 10 years (from 108 mil in 2000 to 274 mil in 2013)
  • Internet usage  in Europe grew ~5 times in 10 years (from 105 mil in 2000 to 518.5 mil in 2013)
  • Internet usage  in China grew over 15 times in 10 years (from 22.5 mil in 2000 to 565 mil in 2013)


E-commerce buyers in 2013 (source: eMarketer):

  • N.America: 156 mil
  • Europe: 178 mil
  • China: 220 mil

Estimated number of digital buyers in China is expected to reach 423 million in 2016

(source: eMarketer)


Market volume of online advertisement in China (source: iResearch):

  • 2007: 11 Bill.
  • 2010: 32 Bill.
  • 2013: 102 Bill.

97% of e-commerce users in China are aged 10 – 40

Source: CNNIC



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