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China SEO, Chinese search engine optimization, SEO China

Why China SEO is important

Chinese search engine optimization is essential to ensure that your site can be found by people who are actively searching for similar products.

Since Google became inaccessible in China, its market share had dropped well below 1%, making it irrelevant for all intends and purposes. Baidu, the most popular Chinese search engine, currently holds around 60% of the desktop market and close to 90% on mobile. Other popular Chinese search engines, (aka 360Search) and, occupy the rest of the Chinese search engine market.

Our China SEO experts use proven methods and solid techniques designed to boost website ranking with the main Chinese search engines. The primary focus in our China SEO efforts is always put into optimizing for Baidu since ranking with other search engines would be quite similar to it anyway.

Our optimization process

At Sampi, our China SEO methods are always in line with the latest Baidu recommendations, using only legitimate SEO strategies and techniques. This is the only approach that ensures sustainable results over time.

Our Chinese search engine optimization starts with extensive keyword research. This would help to determine the most effective set in terms of the highest search volumes and the lowest competitiveness. Then we proceed to audit your website, mapping the issues and improvement areas. Using audit results, our China SEO experts then perform onsite optimization (on-page SEO) based on the keywords from the previous research. This will be followed by ongoing efforts of building backlinks (off-page SEO) from trusted sites and directories as well as leveraging Chinese social media.

In order to focus on long term results, it is is important to stay away from China SEO providers using so called “black hat” SEO methods. Such techniques often lead to Baidu de-indexing offending sites within a few weeks. After that, restoring Baidu ranking would often become impossible with the same domain.

China SEO, Chinese search engine optimization, SEO China

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