Alibaba, the company founded some 15 years ago by a former English teacher Jack Ma with borrowed $60,000 has already made a history last year with the largest ever IPO in New York. The company is valued at over 150 billion dollars and it continues to dominate Chinese e-commerce.

In my earlier post about Alibaba, I’ve covered its e-commerce related ecosystem as well as other areas where it is expanding through diverse acquisitions. This new infographic by Go-Globe, Shanghai based web design company, presents some interesting facts and figures about Alibaba and its overall business scope.

Here are some numbers that I find particularly astonishing:

  • 279 million active buyers, or more than 1/5 of the entire China’s population, are active buyers on Alibaba networks, primarily on Taobao and TMall;
  • Each of those active buyers makes, on average, 52 annual purchases per year , or one every week;
  • Alibaba is processing 12.7 billion online orders annually;
  • Alibaba dominates mobile commerce with its 76.2% market share in 2014;
  • Alipay, another Alibaba’s property which is the Chinese equivalent of PayPal, accounts for half of all online transactions in China;

Here is the full infographic:

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