According to the recent report by Webpower, email and SMS marketing in China remains one of the most cost effective ways to reach target audience.

In this blog, we have covered extensively many aspects on Chinese email marketing: from deliverability issues to legal requirements and best practices for email template designs.  

The numbers in Webpower’s infographic provide further insight into who are the biggest users of email marketing in China as well as average performance metrics by the industry.

Overall, the figures appear to be more or less in line in what marketers usually see in other markets. Those numbers can also be quite useful in figuring out ROI of email marketing campaigns targeting China.

There is also some data on SMS marketing in China, although not as detailed as with emails. It is a bit surprising to find out that SMS marketing is making a come back after facing legal challenges in the last few years.

According to the report, airlines, financial services and retail and the biggest users of SMS marketing in China, probably, in part, due to the higher cost compared to email marketing. Here is the rest of the data:

Infographic: Email and SMS Marketing in China

email and sms marketing in China
email and sms marketing in China
email and sms marketing in China
email and sms marketing in China



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