Email marketing in China is one of the most cost effective digital channels to reach all types of audience. However, its maximum potential can only be realized if done right from the beginning. Incorporating these five features with your next China email marketing campaign will boost the ROI, make it more measurable and more effective.

The following presentation by Sampi Marketing was presented at Shanghai Entrepreneur organized by Entrepnr this month.

5 features of the most effective China email marketing strategy

Here are the five features to incorporate into your China email marketing strategy:

China email marketing 5 features

Instead of a sending out a typical email blast, you should invest in message diversification. It is best achieved through mailing list segmentation:

email marketing in China - diversify

Here is the message diversification model. Top of the pyramid offers the best conversion rate on your message:

china email marketing diversification model

Most effective way to achieve message diversification is through marketing automation:

china email marketing automation

Here is view of the evolution of email marketing messages by Movable Ink:

china email marketing automation

Some of the features of dynamic/agile messages can boost campaign’s efficiency. Dedicated designs for mobile is one of them:

china email marketing mobile responsive

Another underutilized feature of dynamic/agile messages – interactive and rich media embedded in the content:

china email marketing interactivity engagement

It is important to be able to deliver the message at the right time accross different time zones. This is achieved with the send out time optimization, standard feature of most email marketing platforms such as Mailigen:

china email marketing-send out time optimization

Lastly, it is possible to monetize your mailing list. This option is not for everyone but something to be aware of:

china email marketing monetizing

Dynamically generated ads can be served with your China email marketing messages:

china email marketing monetizing mailing list


Here is the full presentation on Slideshare.

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