In the era of social media, instant messaging and apps like WeChat and WhatsApp, one may be tempted to think that marketing using emails is old fashioned and is losing relevance. Nothing can be further from the truth. Email marketing not only remains  one of the most cost effective tools in marketers’ toolbox but it is also getting more sophisticated and efficient.

In this post, we would like to share the latest infographic by featuring over a hundred facts about email marketing and why it works.

The facts in this extensive infographics is grouped by various categories such as “stats by type of emails”, “most used email marketing techniques”, “psychology of email recipient”. There is a special section on mobile emails stats and spam, insight into reasons why people choose to unsubscribe, email engagement figures and more.

Before embarking on your next email marketing campaign, make sure to check out this infographic.

119 Facts About Email Marketing

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