It is essential to account for the crucial differences in China’s social media users’ behaviour and preferences in order to build more effective online marketing strategy for this market.

Some of the traditional strategies and approaches to online marketing which are typical to the West have to be adjusted  in order to stay effective in China. Chinese social media users do differ for Western ones in a number of important ways.

With the number of China’s internet users today being roughly double of the entire US population, knowing and taking  those factors into account in your marketing campaign becomes increasingly important.


Chinese social media users are willing to share more personal information online than a typical Western user


A typical netizen in China is more likely to follow brands than a typical user in the West. On average, Chinese would follow 8 different brands


China’s netizens spend 41% of their online time on Social Networks


77%  of Chinese believe users believe that a social media presence makes a brand more attractive


The average Chinese social media user has 2.78 social media profiles


40% of Chinese netizens create content, more than twice the rate in USA


Chinese consumers do not hesitate to write positive comments about a brand but are also more likely to share  negative experience online


On average, Chinese users spend 5 hours per week on shopping online


81% of China’s younger internet users would check online comments before making a purchase decision


66% of Chinese users access internet from their mobile devices

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