Mobile has already become the primary route to the internet for a typical Chinese user. Everything, from searches to shopping, is increasingly taking place via mobile phones, primarily from smartphones but also with the web enabled feature handsets.

Popular mobile apps from ecommerce giants like Taobao, Alibaba and Jingdong have made shopping directly from phones a fast, safe and convenient experience. Not surprisingly, mobile advertising has been highly effective to reach tens of millions of those users and the new infographic from Go-Globe backs up those notions with some great visuals.

Besides the obvious facts concerning the size and the reach of this market, I’d like to point out a few figures that I find particularly illuminating:

  • Video and mobile coupons are, by far, the most popular advertising formats. This could be explained by the fact that videos tend to be the most popular digital content in general that is also easily consumed. On the other hand, the popularity of coupons is probably due to their high practical value and ease of use;
  • 78% of Chinese users are more likely to click on a mobile ad vs. only 33% of UK and 29% of US users. What it basically means is that mobile advertising is more effective in China than in those countries by more than twice;
  • Only 7% of users is China prefer not to be targeted by mobile ads vs. over 50% in both UK and US who would rather not see them.

Here is the full infographic:

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