What are the most important venues for digital advertising in China? Who are the largest players? What type of digital ads are most popular in China? These and other questions are answered in another great infographic from Go-Globe.com.

Here are some of the highlights that I find most interesting:

  • China outspends any other country in Asia Pacific on digital ads which in 2013 reached 13.23 bn dollars or approximately 11% of the worldwide spending;
  • Banner ads remain the most popular type and stand at 30.2% of all types digital display ads. Keyword search ads are next at 28.5% which is still behind US share of 47.1%;
  • Baidu and Taoabao are the largest online advertisers in China by revenue standing at 22.25 bn RMB and 17.22 bn RMB respectively. Together they represent over half of the entire market;
  • Largest online ads spenders are Pingan, Chinese insurance giant, followed Volkswagen, P&G and Shanghai GM;
  • Four top sectors by online display ads are transportation, online services, real estate and food & drink;

This is the infographic:

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