Here is the great infographic from showing Chinese social media landscape as of mid-2013. I find the part on the “other” social media networks, those besides the most well known ones, Sina Weibo and WeChat, to be especially informative. For example, Tencent Weibo, the platform that is still quite popular in lower tier Chinese cities, still claims to be of roughly the same size as Sina Weibo.

Another monster, Qzone, is still the largest network in terms of registered users, although it is largely considered of limited value to marketers.

The main demographic group of social media users are those between 26 and 30, they account for almost one third of all the users.

Astonishingly, social media penetration in China is estimated to be at around 91% of the total online population vs. 67% for US. At the same time, each Chinese social media user is following on average 8 brands.

Another figure that underscores the importance of marketing on social media in China is the fact that 43% of Chinese netizens are interested in products shared by their friends on social networks. In addition, 38% of them base their shopping decisions on recommendations from friends online.

Here is the full infographic from

Social Media Landscape in China 2013




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