There hardly exist any other nation in the world that can compare to China in the speed with which it embraced ecommerce. More and more Chinese today shop exclusively online buying anything from clothes and food to furniture and cars. Alibaba, one of the most valuable tech. companies in the world, has been the principal driving force of this process. Its presence is everywhere in the China’s ecommerce universe: from B2B space with its, to B2C with Tmall and, finally, the indispensable Taobao for C2C.

Other rivals, such as Tencent and Baidu with their own ecommerce offers, are still trailing Alibaba which is set to stay as the dominant force in Chinese market for the foreseeable future.

Here I’d like to share the infographic produced by Alibaba from different sources on the state of China’s online shopping. Although, it was compiled at the end 2012 and may be slightly outdated, in terms of market share figures and online shoppers’ behavioral patterns there have been no any significant changes.

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