Why Chinese social media marketing is particularly important for doing business here? The new infographic from Go-Globe shows some recent numbers illustrating the spread and reach of various social media platforms in China.

First interesting fact is that approximately 9 out of 10 China’s online users have a social media account.

Qzone remains the largest social media platform and QQ the most popular messenger. No platform, however, can challenge WeChat‘s dominance in mobile. 

Although, Weibo has some luster, it is still a very effective advertising platform as it has the ability to target users much more accurately than other services.

Chinese social media marketing is even more important when is comes to ecommerce. As the infographic shows, Chinese are very active online shoppers, spending a lot of time researching products online and commenting on the experience. 75% of online shoppers would provide feedback at least once a month as opposed to only 25% of US users.

Finally, 77% of Chinese expect a brand to have a social media presence – a clear sign to marketers that it is one of channels in the marketing strategy mix that can’t be ignored.

Here is the full infographic:

Chinese Social Media Marketing for Business

chinese social media marketing for business Sampi


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