Baidu PPC doesn’t have to be the only China SEM option. Thanks to lower CPC and higher conversion rate, 360 Search PPC campaign offers a cost-effective alternative for China marketers.

360 Search stats:

    • Founded in 2006
    • 5000+ employees
    • Within top 5 China internet companies
    • 529 million PC monthly active users
    • 1 billion mobile installations
    • China’s #2 search engine
    • China’s #1 directory portal
    • China’s #1 anti-virus program
    • China’s #1 Android app store
    • China’s #2 web browser

360 Search PPC options

Despite holding a smaller search engine market share compared to Baidu, 360 Search PPC can often be a more cost effective option thanks to considerably lower keywords bidding price. The bids for identical keywords are often as low as half of Baidu’s which gives marketers more mileage on a given budget by running 360 Search PPC campaign vs. Baidu.

Although Baidu is still the largest search engine, it is nowhere near Google style market dominance in western market, accounting for somewhere between 60 to 70% of the market.

360 Search market share takes the major part of what is left plus there is around 16% user overlap between the two search engines. Also, 360 Search is often considered a bit more “hip” compared to Baidu and, as a results, tends to attract younger and well educated user base with more purchasing power. This also explains the fact that, on average, 360 Search PPC campaign conversion rate is about 15% higher than Baidu’s.

360 Search user stats

  • 38% – bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 55% – medium or high income
  • 69% – 19 to 34 years old
  • 47%/53% – women/men ratio

In addition to search ads, 360 Search also offers its own display network where text or banner ads are served on relevant sites and apps. Display network marketing is an effective re-marketing (re-targeting) tool and is designed to serve ads to users who have already visited a specific sites, have run similar searches or have purchased certain products.

Based on ad settings, 60 Search PPC results can be displayed in two formats: as site links with thumbnails (2-比翼) or text links (1-搜索文字链):

360 Search PPC

When users search for physical products, the results can also be displayed as product links using 360 Search PPC option called “fengwu” (3-凤舞):

360 Search PPC options

When it comes to results display, 360 Search offers additional options similar to Baidu brand zone: brand express (4-品牌直达), brand sunrise (5-品牌日出) and premium zone (6-品牌甄选):

360 Search PPC campaign

360 Search display network allows effective remarketing to users who have either visited a site or searched for a similar term. It is typically done by placing ad banners on relevant site like shown below (7-横幅):

360 Search PPC remarketing

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