In this post, we are featuring a new infographic on China by our friends from In Other Words, London based translation and localization agency.

It focuses on the number of China business opportunities as it continues to grow and gain ever increasing share of the global economy. By 2020, China’s online market is predicted to surpass that of USA and Europe combined, making ecommerce is one of the most lucrative investment niches.

Number of Chinese outbound tourists has reached 100 million in 2014. According to the infographic, Europe has received 3.4 million Chinese visitors last year. They also help stimulate the economy at their travel destination by spending on average £2,700 per person per trip.

The infographic also gives some basic figures on Chinese social media channels: Weibo, WeChat, RenRen and Qzone.

China business opportunities in a nutshell:

China business opportunities
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