Having witnessed the rapid growth of China’s economy over the past decade, more and more foreigners started to consider going to China to develop their careers.

They have their eyes on China as there are numerous job opportunities open to both Chinese people and foreigners. Meanwhile, hundreds of transnational companies have opened branches or representatives in China, which makes it necessary to attract foreign talents and encourage them to contribute to the local economy. However, one of the main problems that most foreigners encounter when they are working in China is how to overcome the language barrier.

Knowing some basic Chinese will certainly help you better communicate with your Chinese colleagues. Moreover, it’s very important for foreign businessmen to gain some knowledge of Chinese in that it will help create a bond of trust with their Chinese business partners. Well, here are three tips on how you can learn Chinese. if you have been thinking of exploring the Chinese market.

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Study online or use Chinese learning apps

Studying Chinese online by yourself could be an ideal choice if you have a busy schedule. If you are a total beginner, there are quite a few learning videos available on YouTube for you to learn Chinese from scratch. These videos are usually made by native Chinese speakers with a good command of English, therefore, important grammatical structures and vocabulary are well explained.

In addition, using a learning app like Pleco to improve your Chinese language skills is also viable owing to a large number of functions if offers. For example, everything from the pronunciation of a Chinese word to how to use it real life situations is clearly explained. If you are already an intermediate or advanced learner, there are also some learning materials such as news reading available online.

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Sign up for a Chinese course

It’s sensible to apply for a Chinese course if you think you will have the chance to study Chinese on a regular basis. The main advantage of attending classes at a Chinese language school is that you will be taught by a professional Chinese teacher, which will certainly help you better understand the Chinese language and culture. The most common types of class are 1-on-1 classes and small group classes.

1-on-1 classes are designed to meet your specific learning requirements so that you will be able to learn everything which is needed for your work. Moreover, as mentioned before, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture as your teacher is well aware of the importance of Chinese cultural elements in doing business with Chinese people. For instance, there are certain complimentary phrases that your Chinese business partner would like to hear after closing a deal.

However, if you would like to make some friends during your stay in China or make connections, small group classes  are what you are looking for. Attending group classes will allow you to have plenty of chances to interact with your classmates and hence help build friendships or business relationships.

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Make some Chinese friends

The most effective way of learning a language is to talk with native speakers as much as you can. Chinese people are known for their friendliness, which means they are willing to make friends with people from different cultural backgrounds. Your Chinese business partner would be very happy to help you practice Chinese when you are having a casual lunch together. In addition, many Chinese people have realized how important it is to learn a second language, therefore, it won’t be hard for you to find yourself a language exchange partner.

About the author: That’s Mandarin is one of the oldest Chinese schools in China with over 3000 students every year since 2005, based in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The school offers online and offline Chinese courses with professional teachers and uses its own in-house Chinese learning platform. Our 1-on-1 Private Online Chinese classes can be tailor-made based on student’s requirements and goals.

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