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SMM on WeChat


WeChat has been, by far, the most popular mobile social network in China, connecting millions of Chinese daily. We specialize on running marketing campaigns on this platform through an official account that we set up and manage.

According to the recent figures, WeChat network has more users than any of the existing social media platforms in China. It is the most used smartphone app and has become much more than a chat service. In fact, WeChat has evolved into entire ecosystem of extensions that work within its platform: from taxi booking app and e-wallet, to online store and investment service. Thanks to its sheer reach, WeChat has been embraced by increasing number of companies recognizing platform’s marketing potential. As part of our mobile marketing services we offer setup of an official company account on WeChat that will allow you to broadcast messages to your users as well as to take advantage of embedded functionality of such account. Imagine being able to get your marketing message to your users right via the app that they use practically everyday! We will setup and manage your WeChat account as well as market its QR code through other channels in order to get more customers following your brand on mobile.

Mobile apps for Android, iOS

Native apps for smartphones still provide the best user experience. Our range of services include app development, testing and promotion in Chinese app markets. Android is the most popular OS in China but we cover iOS as well.

Mobile apps are as popular as ever and having your own app on your customers’ smartphones increases opportunities for engagement with them at the right place and time. An app could provide useful info, give directions, trigger events based on user’s location and so much more. We have in-house developers that can design beautiful and functional apps with Chinese interface and tailored for the market needs right here. If you have an existing app already, we can help localizing it by making sure it is fully functional in the local mobile environment. Android is, by far, the most common mobile OS in China, but iOS is also very popular among more affluent users in tier 1/2 cities. While iTunes is still the only place to download legal apps for iOS, Android app market is much more fragmented and complex. Promoting your Android app through a complicated ecosystem of Chinese app stores is another service we specialize on.

Mobile advertising

Through our partners, we organize mobile advertising campaigns that include both in-app ads as well as SMS. By taking advantage of text messaging you could reach an estimated 600+ million of potential customers who still use feature phones.

Mobile advertising remains one of the primary methods of monetizing apps through in-app ads in China. This means that more your banner shows up in most frequently used apps, more mobile users will see it. We work with our mobile service partners to make sure to place your ad in the apps that are most relevant and those that fit the desired user profile that you are trying to reach. On the other hand, not everyone uses smartphones in China – an astonishing 600 million users, about half of the population still uses feature phones. Those users can’t be reached with mobile apps, WeChat accounts or through mobile advertising. The only sure way to get to them is by SMS or text messaging. Pushing messages by SMS is another service that we provide through our partner networks. The effectiveness of this method shouldn’t be underestimated. If you intent to target less sophisticated audience or older demographics, SMS could be an efficient way to take advantage of mobile marketing for this segment.

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