Why choose us as your China marketing provider?

We are one-stop full cycle China marketing services provider for all of your needs in Chinese market.

Team of top China marketing experts

We have assembled a locally based team of China marketing experts that will guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process of setting up and implementing your local marketing strategy.

First, we consult you on the most effective mix of components in your marketing plan for China.

Next, we give you options that are optimized for your goals and fit your China marketing budget.

Finally, we ensure that your plan is implemented in the most efficient way while constantly monitoring and analyzing the results.

Our in-depth expertise in China market will allow you to make proper adjustments to your China marketing strategy in light of new market conditions as they emerge.

Rest assured that our highly qualified team members will be taking care of you ever step of the way.

We consistently deliver results

Operating in unfamiliar environment can be very difficult. Business decisions, which are solely based on past experience in home markets, often turn out to be wrong when in comes to China marketing. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most complete information and optimal choice of options to enable them to make informed decisions.

Delivering the best value to our clients is all that we are about in Sampi Marketing.

Our clients come from various industries and from many different countries. Two things are common among all of them – determination to take advantage of the fast growing market opportunities in China and the realization that, in order to succeed, they need the guidance of locally based experts.

This is why they choose us.

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The infographic below outlines the services we offer at each of the stages of your China marketing plan:

Sampi Integrated Marketing Plan for Chinese Market that covers all the areas of digital marketing in China. Let us guide you step by step in your China marketing strategy setup and implementation.

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