Online Technology for Marketing in China

Local e-commerce integration

Since credit cards or Paypal are not popular in China, reaching 300 million Chinese online shoppers requires integration of local ecommerce and payment solutions. Our team will help you navigate through all the technicalities to get that done.

In order to successfully sell online directly to Chinese consumers or companies, the proper payment options have to be integrated into your site. The most popular online payment systems are Alipay by Alibaba, Tenpay by Tencent and Baidu Wallet by Baidu. In addition, Union Pay is the most popular method for direct payment from a bank account.

Integrating those system into your website requires opening an account, submitting paperwork in Chinese as well as paying deposit and various fees. Getting your application approved may require further verifications involving extensive communication with those companies. The good news is that we can help with that!

We will make sure that the proper documents and certificates are submitted and your application goes through smoothly until the approval is finalized. Then we will help you with the technical integration of the payment methods into your site by providing proper instructions to your web developers.

Local online store management

Taobao, TMall and JingDong are the most popular online stores in China, holding 80% of the market share and processing billions of dollars in transactions weekly. With our help, you can set up your own online store on those platforms and we will manage it for you.

Although eBay and Amazon, the largest online retailers in the West, are not blocked like Facebook or Twitter, their current market share in China is within single digits. Currently, dominates B2B while Taobao is the largest player in C2C and B2C. Higher quality brand products are mostly sold in Tmall, another property of Taobao, and Jingdong.

For overseas merchant, opening a store in one of those virtual shopping malls is not an easy task. Apart from the language barrier, submitting all the proper paperwork can become a substantial challenge to a newcomer. Once again, we are here to help you.

We will make sure that your paperwork is in order before submitting it for processing to maximize the chances that your application will be approved as quick as possible. We will help you to design your virtual presence in order to stand out and attract as many potential customers as possible. Through our partners, we will also provide you with the virtual store management solution that includes inventory management, local return address and customer support.

Web design solutions for China

We will take care of your technical needs: from web design that appeals to Chinese audience to specific technology integration that is suitable to local environment. We consult you on the best solutions to optimize your local customers’ experience.

Have you realized that all of your embedded Youtube or Vimeo videos, as well as Facebook and Twitter feeds, will appear as broken links to a visitor from Mainland? If your site incorporates popular storage solutions with Dropbox or they also won’t work here. Even Google fonts and search fields are unlikely to display and function properly due to most of Google services currently being banned. In fact, your site may become completely inaccessible or load too slowly if hosted on one of the blacklisted servers or those that are simply too remote.

As part of our web design package, we will make sure that this won’t happen and your site is fully functional within Mainland China. We provide alternative solutions for hosting your videos, file storage and other services as well as local hosting with a search friendly domain.

We will also monitor your site’s technical performance from various parts of China making sure it doesn’t turn away visitors due to slow loading speed. Whenever we discover a problem, we will immediately notify you and offer a solution.

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