Market Research in China

Competitive analysis

Would you like to know who your local competitors are and what they are doing? We research your target market and provide you with the data allowing you to make the most intelligent decisions on your marketing strategy in China.

The chances are that you are not the first one and not the only one offering a particular product or service in Chinese market. In order to be successful and set the right marketing strategy you need to learn who your competitors and their offers are and what type of marketing they employ.

Our market researchers are the best at exploring particular industries, market segments and niches and even a specific companies you intend to compete with. The trick is to learn what they are doing and do it better. We use various tools for our market research: from finding information on a certain industry segment through portals and publications, to analyzing a specific company data.

We also employ analytics tools that track mentions in Chinese social media and measure sentiment on a particular issue, product or brand. Having such insight is essential in deciding where you should focus your efforts with your marketing strategy.

Analytics and reports

Analytics, various metrics and reports that we provide, enable you to have a constant 360° view of your marketing campaigns, their progress, efficiency and ultimate ROI. With the reliable data on hand, you will always know where to improve.

We provide you with periodic reports that show exactly how each component of your marketing campaign is performing. One of the strengths of digital marketing in general is the ability to collect the data and measure the effectiveness if your efforts. All of your spending can be tracked and measured vs. ultimate conversion rates and other metrics.

We show you exactly what type of activities have been executed, how effective they were and what is planned next. Such reports allow you to clearly see what works and what doesn’t. Having such insight allows you, over time, to fine tune your marketing strategy for optimal the results.

We also provide with the wider view of your marketing efforts in the context of the industry and competition. This allows you to take data-driven decision on how you could compete better, what opportunities may be coming your way and how to take full advantage of them.


Surveys and focus groups

If you are interested in the most current and relevant data on a specific product, service or offer, we can help you to find just the answer you are looking for. Our customized survey and focus groups programs cover wide range of industries and demographics.

Surveys and focus groups are one of the most reliable ways to obtain qualitative data on wide range of topics: from product usage to brand perception and reputation. Surveys are typically done online while focus groups studies are performed in a physical environment with actual participants.

Our market researches design and distribute surveys aimed at asking just the right set of questions. Surveys can either be sent directly to a sample audience or integrated with other online marketing material whenever larger participation rates are required. We encourage participants to complete surveys by offering incentives, such as discounts and coupons, or a chance of winning a reward.

Focus groups are another form of marketing studies that we successfully employ for our clients. Depending on the type of product or market segment, we choose participants who are most representative of targeted demographics, assemble them in groups of 7-12 people and guide the discussion with a professional moderator. The results are then summarized and reported back to you for further analysis.

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