Digital Marketing in China

SEO for Baidu, 360Search, Sogou

We perform on-site and off-site optimization for all three major search engines, improving organic visibility of your website in China. Over 95% of all local searches are on Baidu, 360Search and Sogou.

When it comes to SEO for Chinese market, Google is quite irrelevant – less than 5% of Chinese use it for internet searches. In addition, in mid-2014, Google and almost all of Google services, have been blocked from access in Mainland China, which has contributed to its further decline. The search engine that dominates Chinese market is which holds about 60% of the market share. 360Search and Sogou are the other big players.

Our SEO services are geared toward improving organic ranking for your site with those 3 major search platforms. Our team of SEO experts will carefully review your content to figure out the most suitable keywords first. Next comes keyword research when we analyze typical number of searches vs. competitiveness of each keyword. This allows us to narrow down the list to the most optimal set of keywords and key phrases.

Our in-depth knowledge of how Baidu and other search engines score and rank pages allow us to achieve optimal results through on-site optimization first. The off-site part of SEO is a longer term process that involves link building with various activities and techniques.

SEM/PPC for Baidu, 360Search, Sogou

We run and manage Pay-per-Click (part of SEM) campaigns on 3 major Chinese search engines: Baidu, 360Search and Sogou, which together cover 90% of the entire online search market in China.

As part of your overall SEM strategy, running Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign on major Chinese search engines is one of the most certain ways to get your ad in front of millions of people searching precisely for what you are offering. As Google being largely irrelevant in China, we focus on PPC for Baidu, 360Search and Sogou.

Opening an Adwords account on Baidu is not as straightforward as with Google and requires a certain amount of paperwork as well as cash deposit. The interface of Baidu Adwords backend is entirely in Chinese but the good news is that you don’t have to worry about any of that that! Our PPC services include opening your account, handling all the paperwork and managing the account on your behalf.

Just like with SEO, we start with the keyword research to optimize the set of words and phrases to bid on. Then we manage the bidding process itself while monitoring the performance on each keyword and making adjustments to maximize the efficiency of your campaign. If you need us to design effective landing pages – we can do it too.

Web localization for China

Web localization is much more than translation but also involves using culturally appropriate images and symbols, suitable navigation solutions, adjustments to content and more.

Our team of professional translators will make sure that your site in Chinese conveys the proper message to your target audience in the most efficient way. Whether you want the content to sound more official and corporate, or your intention is to come across informal and lighthearted – we can accommodate it all.

Localization also involves making sure that your navigation structure takes into account specific nature of Chinese language, labels fit in the buttons, text flows seamlessly without unnecessary spacing and naturally blends with the overall theme.

Typically, Chinese prefer links that take them straight where they want to go and rely less on site searches, the habit that often requires putting more links on the homepage. Whenever relevant, we will advise you whether you should make specific changes to accommodate the browsing habits of China’s typical internet user in order to make your site more user friendly.

In addition, various cultures view and interpret images differently: what may look “cool” to an American, could come across as “sloppy” to a Chinese etc. You can rely on us to pinpoint potential problems and suggest solutions for your site to avoid common localization mistakes.

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