Brand Ads in China

Advertisement in digital media

We arrange for your ads to be placed in wide variety of Chinese digital media: from popular portals and networks to specialized and niche sites that would attract the most qualified traffic.

There is a large number of popular sites and portals which could be the best venues for you banner ads, text links or embedded rich media. Thanks to our extensive partnerships and affiliate networks, we can have your ads placed in the most relevant sites, those that maximize your ad’s exposure to the most targeted traffic.

Your ad will appear within the relevant context, making it more likely to be noticed and clicked. We stay away from low quality sites and banner farms by working exclusively with those that provide value to their online visitors. Placing ads and links to your site on popular online forums and blogging platforms ensures traffic’s quality, which ultimately results in higher conversion rates.

If you are targeting a specific geographical area in China or a particular demographics, we will engage partners that specialize on targeting that specific segment maximizing potential of your ad marketing ROI.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing remains one of the most efficient ways to spread your message. We specialize on effective email marketing campaigns for Chinese market that deliver the optimal results.

It is not an easy task to ensure that your email marketing campaign targeting Chinese audience does not drown in a flood of spam, which is infecting China’s internet particularly hard. Your email marketing campaign has to be carefully planned and flawlessly executed in order to bring desirable results.

We work with reliable email marketing platforms that ensure highest rate of deliveries and also complies with complex China’s anti-spam regulations. Chinese law stipulates substantial penalties for unsolicited emails and non-compliance may result in your IP or domain getting blocked, making it inaccessible from Mainland indefinitely.

We are experts in designing visually appealing newsletters that get noticed and follow proven techniques to ensure highest open rates. We also make sure that your email communication is mobile-friendly as at least half of the emails are viewed on mobile devices these days. If used correctly, email could be another powerful tool of your overall Chinese marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing


Through a combination of research, strategic partnerships and engaging content creation we can help your business to attract attention and build trust, resulting in bringing your customers closer to your brand.

As opposed to “outbound marketing” which covers most types of traditional advertising, emails, broadcasts, podcasts, telemarketing etc., inbound marketing is defined as a set of activities to bring visitors in. It is all about drawing attention and getting noticed through producing interesting content and strategically placing it.

We are experienced in precisely this type of approach. Through a combination of marketing activities that take place in social media, relevant blogs and popular forums, we maximize your potential to the reach customers at various levels of brand awareness.

Inbound marketing is particularly effective with products and services that require some degree of research on the part of a buyer. Promoting knowledge based and high-value products can particularly benefit from this type of marketing that is also widely employed in B2B sales channels.

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