In the last few years and thanks to booming economy, Chinese have become enthusiastic consumers of financial news. Most recently, this trend was further stimulated by high stock market returns with even more potential investors looking to take advantage of the stocks rally.

This situation also presents an opportunity to overseas firms offering various financial solutions which could range from personal finance management software to books and videos on investments.

Not surprisingly, most action is taking place online and increasingly on mobile. However, foreign firms are often unaware of major sites and financial news portals that are popular in China.

In this post, I’d like to share some slides from the recent presentation by Sampi Marketing on this topic. The full presentation can be downloaded from SlideShare here.

Here are the largest sites in terms of traffic worldwide and in China:

Major Financial News Portals in China

With the average number of monthly visitors at around 4.7M in China alone, Sina Finance is the largest portal:

Sina Finance

HeXun network represents another popular source and is run by a private investment company HeXun:

HeXun Network links to other services that the company offers which includes increasingly popular P2P lending and micro-loaning service:

HeXun Services

Finance QQ is another popular financial news aggregator run by Tencent:

Finance QQ

Sohu runs its own news service that is focused on stocks and investments:

Sohu Business

Among publications, the sites with most traffic in China are Wall Street China and FT (Financial Times) Chinese:

Wall Street China

FT Chinese

For full presentation, please go here.


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