What’s happening in one minute on China Internet? Actually, quite a lot! The folks in TechInAsia went on to to figure that out, producing this impressive infographic. It sums up some of the action that takes place in China’s digital online world in just 60 seconds.

Here are just some of the most impressive nuggets on what has happened on one minute on China Internet:

  • Almost 400,000 people log in to WeChat app every minute;
  • 625,000 Youku-Tudou videos are being watched;
  • Almost 65,000 Weibo tweets with over 50,000 of them containing images;
  • Over 4 million of Baidu search queries;
  • $1.1 million is spent on Taobao or Tmall;

China Internet in 60 seconds:

(credit to TechInAsia)


Infographic: China Internet in One Minute | Sampi.co
Article Name
Infographic: China Internet in One Minute | Sampi.co
China internet in 1 minute: 400,000 people WeChat logins; 625,000 Youku videos watched; 65,000 Weibo tweets; 4 million of Baidu searches; $1.1 million spent on shopping
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Sampi Marketing
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