Wealink.com is often mentioned as one of the major Chinese online business networks, along with Dajie, Tianji and Renhe which have been discussed in details in my earlier posts.

In general, compared to LinkedIn dominated online professional networks market in the West, Chinese business network market still remains quite fragmented. In terms of size, Wealink.com claims 5 million registered users, which is not much compared to Dajie or Tianji, but it is one of the most active networks with almost 370 thousand daily users and is only behind Dajie.com with its 926 thousand and ahead of Renhe.cn with 98 thousand.

This high degree of activity vs. relatively small number of registered users is attributed to the fact that the users don’t have to register to enjoy most of the benefits of the site. What is the marketing value of this network for brand, product and service promotion? The following presentation by Sampi Marketing, which can also be downloaded from SlideShare here, attempts to answer this question.

Marketing on Wealink.com
Marketing on Wealink.com
Marketing on Wealink.com
Marketing on Wealink.com

In conclusion, despite of being fairly large and quite active network, Wealink seems to provide little value to marketers looking to promote their brands, products or services to professionals. Unless your target market is job seekers, fresh graduates or recruiters, your marketing budget will be better spent on other professional networking site, such as Dajie, Tianji or Renhe, which were covered in previous posts.


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