(or is one of the most well known Chinese professional networking sites outside of China. It resembles LinkedIn in its functionality and structure, however, in terms of the number of registered users, its growth over the years has been quite slow.

At present, it is estimated to have somewhere between 1.2 to 1.5 million  members, which is significantly less than the sites like (30 million) or (20 million) – see my previous posts. On the other hand, Ushi claims to attract higher quality white collar professionals than other networks. The following slides from the presentation by Sampi Marketing on Ushi, which can also be downloaded from SlideShare here, describe the platform’s functionality in more details and provide a conclusion on its overall marketing value.

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In conclusion, while Ushi shows some promise, its relatively small number of members (especially compared to much larger networks) limits its reach. Also, a disappointing lack of advertising options with limited real estate for CPM ads, makes this network much less efficient for marketing to professionals.

On the other hand, online business networking market is still developing in China and Ushi, at least, has a robust structure offering some useful features. It is possible that, with the right approach, it could capture a more meaningful market share in the future becoming more attractive to marketers.


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