Unlike LinkedIn in the West, in China, there is still no dominant player in online professional networks. In terms of size, Dajie.com, with its 30 million registered users, is in the lead . Tianji.com holds the second place, claiming still impressive 20 million members.

In fact, Tianji attracts an audience that is more similar to LinkedIn in profile and demographics. In this post, I’m going to look into Tianji.com from a marketer’s standpoint focusing on its value for marketing brands, products and services.

Here is the presentation by Sampi Marketing on Tianji.com which can also be downloaded from SlideShare here. For a more general overview of China’s online professional networks, go to my earlier post. In addition, the in-depth look into the largest platform, Dajie.com, can be found here.

Marketing on Tianji.com
Marketing on Tianji.com
Marketing on Tianji.com
Marketing on Tianji.com
Marketing on Tianji.com
Marketing on Tianji.com
Marketing on Tianji.com

In conclusion, Tianji seems to attract more suitable members for the purposes of direct B2B marketing and, in this respect, it is more similar to LinkedIn. However, investment in marketing campaign on Tianji can be quite substantial. The best way to figure out whether Tianji is the right platform for your business is to research its existing activities, such as discussion groups or Q&A section first. If your targeted audience is present and engaged, marketing on Tianji could be an effective way to reach them.



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