China’s online professional networking market remains fairly new but is expected to continue growing as more Chinese are realizing the advantages of getting plugged in. With LinkedIn being still practically unknown here, this market remains quite fragmented with no clear dominant player. So far, in terms of size, (30 million users) and (20 million) are in the lead but other competitors are catching up too.

One of such networks is and, with its 7 million members, it holds the 3rd largest market share. How does it fare vs. competitors and what is its value from a marketer’s perspective? The following presentation by Sampi Marketing, which can also be downloaded from SlideShare here, helps answer these questions.

For a more general overview of China’s online professional networks, go to my earlier post. In addition, the in-depth look into the largest platform,, can be found here.

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In conclusion, can be a suitable platform for marketing to professionals but its focus on financial sector may somewhat limit the range of brands, products and services that can be marketed efficiently. On the positive side, VIP membership (of up to 400 RMB per month for the highest level) offers number of features that can be useful in reaching executives and getting your message directly to the targeted members. Company research capabilities are also quite advanced compared to similar platforms.

Unfortunately, Renhe seems to be a bit all over the place and hasn’t yet found its specific niche. In any case, I’d recommend keeping an eye on it to see how it develops down the road and what marketing value it may be able to deliver.


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